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Bike Service & Repair

Tune-Up Package Options

We offer a selection of tune up packages that are detailed below. We also offer a la carte repairs if you are in need of a minor fix or adjustment. Prices vary for a la carte repairs depending on each bike's needs. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. 

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Full Tune


  • Full Tune-Up includes:
  • Adjust Shifting and Brakes
  • Adjust Headset, Bottom Bracket, and Hubs
  • Lube Chain and Cables
  • True Wheels
  • Check Pedals, Nuts & Bolts for Tightness
  • Check Tires for Wear
  • Inflate Tires
  • Clean Bike
  • Test Ride for Safety Check

Full Tune + Drive Train Cleaning


Full Tune-Up plus:

Remove: Cassette, Chain, Crank Set, Front/Rear Derailleur

Clean above Components in Solution Bath

Reinstall and Adjust Components

Repack and Grease Bearings

Bike Fitting

  • We include a no charge sizing with each new bike purchase.
  • We also offer a comprehensive profressional bike fitting provided by Tom Wiseman of Cycling Solutions.
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Contact us for any service related questions. 

No appointment necessary. 

We reserve the right to deny service to any bike at our discretion.

We will not service the following types of bikes:

- Bikes purchased on the internet

- Mopeds or gas powered bicycles

- E-bikes purchased on the internet 

- E-bikes from brands that we do not sell

- Department store bikes

Department store bike brands include the following list:

**this list NOT exhaustive or exclusive, and we reserve the right to not work on a bike that is not on this list**






















Promotional bikes (ie. Honda, Kawasaki, GMC, etc.)

Want to learn more? Read below!

A collection of bike mechanics, bike co-ops, and various nonprofit advocacy groups have started a campaign for more durable and repairable bikes. The petition asks that the industry stop producing and selling bikes that won't last and can't be repaired. The differences are stark between the bikes made to last and those that aren't. The petitioners describe the practice of selling such bikes as predatory. All bikes sold are made to appear as if they'll be reliable, the petition explains, but the appearance of quality is deceptive.

The petition's requests are as follows:

- Set a minimum durability standard for bicycles to last at least 500 riding hours before breaking down
- Design bikes to be serviceable and hold adjustment, with replaceable and upgradable components
- Stop creating and selling bikes that are made to fall apart 

Sign it here:

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Browse our selection below.