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$1,999.00 - $2,999.00
The Stowaway models have always been Trident Trikes #1 seller. The Stowaway line offers an incredible component mix at a price other manufacturers can’t touch.. Both Stowaway models use our Powder Coated 4130 Cro-Moly Tig Welded Frame, as well as Avid Brakes/ Promax Levers with Parking Brake, Double Wall Alloy Rims , and Ackerman Compensated Crossover Steering, but that is where the similarities end. The Stowaway II is our High Spec Model. It has 30 Speeds (3 x 10) It uses a Microshift Front Derailleur and a Microshift Marvo XE CNC Machined Rear Derailleur. Shifting is done with Bar End Shifters. The Brakes are Avid BB7’s. The Cassette is a SRAM PG-970 11-36. The Crankset is a High End Forged Crankset with CNC Machined Rings, and an Integrated External Bearing Bottom Bracket. The seat frame, handlebar and boom are Sandblasted and Anodized Aluminum Alloy. The Stowaway II is available with you choice of either 170mm Cranks or with 160 mm Short Cranks. Beginning in July 2019, we will also have a few available with 152mm Crankarms. “Z” steering bars are also available for extremely short X Seams. Longer Booms ($50 Additional) will accommodate riders up to 51? X Seam. Please order these items by phone. Both Stowaway models include our Aluminum Mesh seat with 3 adjustable seating heights, and 4 adjustable seating angles . An optional adjustable neckrest is also now available on our accessories page. Both include an improved Idler system that is as nice as anything on the market . Stowaway 2 also has adjustable handlebars. Kenda Kwest Tires are standard on the Stowaway 1 , Schwalbe Tryker Tires are standard on Stowaway 2 Models. E Stowaway models use Schwalbe Big Apple Tires . The Rear Tire on the Stowaway 24 is a Schwalbe Marathon. Also in Stowaway models– we don’t charge you for the extras!! Included with all models are a Rear Rack, a full set of 3 Fenders, a Safety Flag, a Mirror, and a Rear Light. NEW: 30 Speed Stowaway 2 with a 24? Wheel One of the most frequent questions we have gotten over the years is whether one of our Stowaway Trikes can take a bigger Rear Wheel. Up until now this has not been possible. We are excited to announce the new Stowaway II 24” . We have designed an extension kit that will also be retrofittable to most Stowaways built in the last 5 years. This kit is superior to other extensions we have seen due to the fact that it uses an oversize 12mm Thru Axle for rear wheel stability and that it raises the dropout for the wheel so that the Trike can remain at the proper angle. The Stowaway II with the 24” wheel and standard 30 Speed has a gear inch range of 19.9” to 113.2” . The new Stowaway II 24” is priced at $ 2299 with your choice of 170mm or 160mm Crankarms. We will also have a few available with 152mm Crankarms. Stowaway 24? and 26? Upgrade kits are available for any Stowaway Trike from 2015 to the present. You can check via your serial # which will begin with a number 15 or greater. The kits include a 24? or 26? Wheel including a Tire and Tube, a 24? or 26? Frame extension, a 12mm Thru Axle, a new fender, and a set of longer rack rods. You will need to move your cassette from the old wheel to the new. **Add $125 to price shown to cover incrued shipping costs
The E-Eco Tad Electric Assist Tadpole is engineered to incorporate a power system that boasts a 350-watt pedal-assist rear-drive motor along with a 36 volt / 10.4 Ah Li-ion battery pack for speeds up to 15 mph. This is our most affordable pedal-assist tadpole trike, but just because it's affordable doesn't mean that it's not full of features. It has a fully adjustable mesh-back saddle with a padded bottom that keeps you cool and comfortable on long outings. Plus, there are spare bottle mounts on the seat frame to let you carry plenty of hydration for the long hauls. - 15 mph / 350-watt pedal-assist motor - 36V / 10.4Ah lithium-ion rack-mount battery - On-board Bluetooth battery management system - Class 1 with five levels of pedal assist - Throttle is available as an option - Wheel Base: 37.5" (95cm) - Overall Length: 70.5 – 78.75" (179 0 200cm) - Width: 31" (79cm) - Seat Height: 15 – 17" (38 – 43cm) - Bottom Bracket Height: 13.75-14" (35-35.5cm) - Weight: 65 lbs - Weight Limit: 300 lbs - X-Seam: 30 – 52" (76 – 132cm)
Engineered to incorporate a power system that boasts a 500-watt pedal-assist rear-drive motor, the Sunseeker E-Fat-Tad Electric-Assist Tadpole is ready to take your ride to the next level. Whether it is off-road terrain or smooth roads ahead, the E-Fat-Tad offers 24 speeds, breathable mesh seating, rugged CST 4" wide tires, and 48 volt / 10.4AH LiOn Battery pack for speeds up to 20 mph. - 20 mph / 500-watt pedal-assist motor - 48V / 10.4Ah lithium-ion rack-mount battery - Class 1 with five levels of pedal assist - Rear coil-over suspension and integrated front suspension - Promax mechanical disc brake system for front wheels - Alloy rims, 55mm wide, with 20 x 4.0" tires tuned for all trail conditions - Full-range SunRace shifting with 3x8 gearing - Ergonomic Chromoly handlebars - Air-mesh seat with alloy seat frame - 10" of trail-ready ground clearance - Wheel Base: 46.25" (118cm) - Overall Length: 78" – 83.5" (198 – 212cm) - Width: 36.25" (92cm) - Seat Height: 16.5"– 17.75" (42 – 45cm) - Bottom Bracket Height: 20" – 21.5" (51 – 55cm) - Weight: 84 lbs - Weight Limit: 300 lbs - X-Seam: 37" – 50.5" (94 – 128cm) - (Boom modification may be required from 37" – 40")
$1,249.00 - $2,999.00
Meet Spike! Spike is a no compromise Entry Level Folding Trike. Don’t let the price fool you though- Spike is packed full of features that you won’t see in other brands at twice the price. Our customers spoke and we listened. Not everyone is ready to commit $3,000 to their first Trike, but everyone wants something nice and easily upgradeable. Some notable features of Spike include Trident’s exclusive Aluminum Seat that adjusts for both height– 14 5/8 Inches (370mm) to 16 1/2 ” (420 mm) and angle (42-52 degrees), a Folding Chro- Moly Powder Coated Frame, an Anodized Aluminum Boom, Aluminum Seat Frame with Water Bottle Cage attachment bracket, Shimano 7 Speed Deraileur/Shifter, Mechanical Disc Brakes, a Safety Flag and Alloy pedals- all STANDARD. The Base Price of a Spike 1 is $1249.00! For those who want a Spike with better performance and components, we also offer the upgraded 24 Speed Spike 2. Spike 2 – 24 Speeds. Upgrades include a Samox Triple Crankset, Microshift Front Derailleur, Microshift Marvo LE Rear Derailleur, an 8 Speed 11-32 Cassette, and finally Avid BB5 Disc Brakes- all for the unbelievable price of $1449.00!!! Spike Enviolo/380 is our newest Spike model for those who would rather not have a derailleur system. It features the Nuvinci /Enviolo TR system . The TR System is far superior to the cheaper CT system -310% Gear Range for the CT vs 380% for the TR. In addition the TR system can handle more torque which is important if you decide to install a Mid Drive Motor in the future. Schwalbe Big Apple Tires and Avid BB5 Brakes are standard . Spike 380 retails for $1769.00 E Spike is a modified 8 Speed Spike 1- It uses an integrated system by a Japanese company called Dapu. It ifeatures a 350W Geared Hub Motor, a special Cranket with sensors, a 36V 13 AH Rack Mounted Battery with built in light, and a Digital Display. With this system you can choose between throttle only or 6 different levels of pedal assist.The 36v 13AH battery is much larger than other manufacturers use and will give you a much longer range- about 25 miles electric only and up to 70 miles using pedal assist. This entire package only adds 18.5 Lbs to a Spike! Schwalbe Big Apple 20 x 2.0 Tires , Microshift Trigger Shifter, and Avid BB5 Brakes are standard equipment. E Spikes retail for $2999.00 BECAUSE OF THE MANY REQUESTS WE HAVE HAD.- SPIKE 1. SPIKE 2 AND SPIKE 380 ARE NOW AVAILABLE WITH FACTORY INSTALLED HORIZONTAL BARS FOR AN ADDITIONAL $30 An accessory kit with a full set of 3 fenders and a sturdy rear rack is available for $159.00 ($10 more for Big Apple Tire Version) A Deluxe Accessory Kit which includes 3 Fenders , Rear Rack, Accessory Mount, Rear Light and Mirror is available for $189.00 ($10 more for Big Apple Tire Version) A Spike 21 Speed Upgrade kit is also available which includes a Samox 52/42/30 Crankset with 165mm Crankarms including Bottom Bracket, a 3 Speed Shimano Revoshifter, a Microshift Front Derailleur, Cable Housing, and a Cable Noodle to go through the boom , This kit sells for $209.00 A Spike Electric Upgrade kit is available to convert your Spike into an E Spike. It includes a Dapu 350W Hub Motor Wheel, A Battery Rack, a 36V 15AH Li-Ion Battery, and LCD Display, a Throttle, 2 Special E Spike Brake Levers, a Controller, a Special E Torque Sensing Crankset/Bottom Bracket and wrapping for the wires. The kit sells for $1649.00 All Spikes have Direct Steering. It is only available in Silver. Spikes come 90% assembled and adjusted. They are not “kits” like many other brands of Trikes. All you have to do is put the seat on and adjust the boom length (and in some cases adjust the chain length). Standard Boom length on all Spikes gives you an X- Seam range of 36 1/4” – 44” Long Booms are available for $60 more which will give you an X Seam Range of 36 1/4 – 50 1/4 “ In addition your standard boom can be cut down to accommodate X Seams as low as 32 ½” with the use of 152mm Crankarms which we have available for Spike 1 . Please call or email if you need these. More info: **Ass $125 to listed price to cover incrued shipping costs
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